Elaborate art deco tiling surrounded the windows on the front of the Glen Royal. The ornate decoration reflected that back then, before television, cinema was an important part of life. What was it like to go to the cinema during this time? Image


On Thursday 17th January the Glen Royal Cinema in Shipley was destroyed by a blaze and is soon to be demolished. The old cinema had been a valuable part of the town of Shipley, West Yorkshire since 1932 and over the years has also been home to a casino, social club and bingo hall.


Although the Glen Royal had recently fallen into disrepair after bring empty for almost 8 years, inside, the building still contained many relics of a by-gone era including old projectors, film reels, bingo cards and much more.

This blog is intended for the people of Shipley to share their comments, memories, stories and photos of a great building and a lost age.